A Movement with Soul

My vision is a world where nature, culture and human beings are healed and whole again. And a Movement with Soul that brings it into being.

I see a world of communion, community, honoring, caring and protection. A world of intimate relationship with ourselves, each other, nature and the Universe. A world where the sacred has returned again and human beings have returned to their rightful place in awe of the mystery, deeply in tune with the sacred and tending this miracle of Earth, culture and each human being.

I see a movement for change where we find ourselves and act from that fearless, loving place to heal ourselves and the world. Where we follow our deepest calling and bring heart to what we do. Where we work in ways that feel nourishing: at our pace, deeply enlivened, and in tune with our bodies and the cycles of nature.

Working together, we support each other and create wholes that are far greater than the sum of their parts. We feel the support of the universe, as lovers of life doing sacred work in partnership with all that is. We come from love and deep connection to birth a Movement with Soul.

Honored, committed and deeply enlivened, we are driven by the most grand of visions: to recreate how humans live on this planet and restore us to our rightful place as tenders of each other and this miracle of a planet. To return to that way of life we know in our bones is right and leave the greatest of legacies.

I believe we are all alive right now to usher in this new world by expressing our unique piece of the fabric. What’s your thread?

PS – Here’s my Passover Journey Haggadah. Feel free to use it, draw from it, or spread it round!